Frequently Asked Questions

 1  What kind of sample do you need?

For Subsurface Reservoir Characterization

  • Core or water based mud cutting samples

  • Samples need to be reasonably fresh, with less than a year from the initial drilling date

For Reservoir Monitoring

  • Produced oil samples collected at the separator

  • Please contact RevoChem for sampling protocol, we also have a third party that we use for sampling if needed




 2  What is the sampling frequency?

For Core or Cutting Samples

  • Every 15 to 30 feet intervals adjacent to the completion depths would be appropriate

For Produced Oil Samples

  • More frequency in collection within the early life of the well, approximately weekly or bi-weekly followed by bi-weekly to monthly samples




 3  Has your result been compared to any other monitoring method or tools?

Yes our results have been compared and verified using various tools. Our results have been able to provide exceptionally unique and direct information that have been previously unattainable by other indirect methodologies.

  • For static reservoir characterization, results have been verified against conventional core analysis, NMR, logging and

      other petrophysical data

  • For reservoir monitoring, results have been compared against pressure gauges, microseismic, tracers and fiber optics



 4  What is the turn around ?

The turn around time is typically two weeks after the sample has been received, however, rush sample options are available for immediate decision making cases.




 5  What asset areas have this technology been applied within?

  1. Anadarko Basin (United States)

  2. Bakken (United States)

  3. Eagle Ford (Unites States)

  4. Gulf of Mexico (United States)

  5. Niobrara (United States)

  6. Permian Basin (United States)

  7. Montney (Canada)

  8. Vaca Muerta (Argentina)


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