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Geochemistry Laboratory Technician 


  • Description: Geochemical Lab Technician will be responsible for analysis of crude oil/ rock samples using a variety of analytical techniques to facilitate assessment of classic geochemical characteristics and special fingerprints.

  • Qualifications: Master's degree in analytic chemistry, geochemistry, or related science. 
    Candidates with a BSc in analytic chemistry, or related science and comparable experience will also be considered.

  • Responsibilities: Using various equipment to analyze oil and rock samples. Conduct testing, write report and make presentations. Work with customers to develop test plans. Recognize / troubleshoot problems with various lab instruments and a desire to collaborate with team members on the development and testing of new analytical procedures.

  • Required  experience: liquid chromatography, gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, and other analytical techniques in geochemistry, petrochemicals, or other organic chemistry-related fields. 



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