High-resolution, High-fidelity Geochemical Fingerprinting Technology

Cores/Cuttings High-resolution High-fidelity Comprehensive Geochemical Fingerprint

  • True Representation of Producible Oil in Rock: Cores and cuttings are analyzed using our patented extraction technology* (no organic solvent is involved), minimizing disinformation from non-recoverable hydrocarbons
  • High sensitivity/resolution of our technology allows use of cuttings when core is not available

Produced Oil High-resolution High-fidelity Comprehensive Geochemical Fingerprint

  • High Resolution: Our proprietary technology is capable of revealing thousands of hydrocarbon compounds in one analysis, far more powerful than traditional geochemical methods
  • High Fidelity: Minimal sample preparation is involved in our innovative analytical procedure. Loss of compounds and distorted quantification due to pre-analysis separation are eliminated

Production Solutions Powered by Cutting-edge Data Science

Geochemical fingerprint data from produced oil, cores, and cuttings carry tremendous amount of information about oil-source correlation, subsurface fluid flow, and surface production issues, We developed software** using cutting-edge data science to decipher crucial information such as drainage volume, well communication, and in-situ phase behavior, enabling optimized field development decisions including well stacking & spacing, completion design, and EOR/IOR timing and options

Non-disruptive Sampling

  • No equipment installation is required
  • Oil samples are collected at the separator without interruption of production

Fast Turnaround Time and Cost Efficiency

  • Analysis of one sample can be completed in hours. Processed data can be provided timely for your quick decision-making in the field, costing only a fraction of traditional reservoir monitoring & diagnostic tools

Geochemical Fingerprinting Technology vs. Other Reservoir Monitoring Tools

  Cost Instrument installed on Well Preparation Time One time or long-term Monitoring Data Density
Geochemical Fingerprinting $ No Zero (collect produced oil at any time) Long-term High
Microseismic $$ Yes 1+ year One Time Medium
Fiber-optics $$$ Yes 1+ year Multiple times in early stage High
Tracer $$ Yes (tracer dose) ~3 month Long-term Medium