RevoChem provides subsurface characterization and reservoir monitoring services by directly measuring and data mining the unique geochemical “fingerprints” in the oil using patented technology and lab procedures.

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Case Study 1

Subsurface Reservoir Characterization Using RevoChem Geochemical Fingerprint Technology
Operator needed an effective, cost-efficient and fast reservoir characterization method to determine horizontal landing zone
  • Well cuttings from pilot well were obtained
  • Geochemical fingerprint of hydrocarbon from cuttings were collected and data mined for reservoir characterization indices
  • Delivered group of reservoir characterization indices including sweet spot index (reservoir quality index & fluid viscosity index), oil-in-place index and in-situ water saturation index
  • Reservoir characterization indices served as a complement to petro physical data to fine tune landing zone determination

Case Study 2

Interference assessment between Parent, Child Wells within Pad Development 
Operator needed to understand the fracture interference between existing production wells (parent wells) and newly fractured infill wells (child wells)
  • Produced oil was collected from the Parent well pre and post infill drilling to evaluate Parent, Child well interaction
  • Produced oil was also collected from the infill wells
  • Parent and Child wells were analyzed for well interaction and frac hits
  • Reviewed the impact of infill drilling to the parent well with the infill well reactivating frac adjacent to the parent whihc however only lasted a few months
  • Helped to identify rock volume that has not been effectively drained for future infill target
  • Geochemical fingerprint data clearly separated producers completed in Zone A vs. B

Case Study 3

Time-lapse Production Allocation Monitoring 
Operator needed a dynamic monitoring of vertical drainage quantification in order to optimize well stacking and timing of re-fracing
  • Well core from pilot well was obtained
  • Core geochemical fingerprint was collected and analyzed to establish baseline
  • Separator produced oil samples were collected within the first few months of production, without operational interruption
  • Produced fluid geochemical fingerprint was compared to the pilot well baseline to estimate drainage height and its change through time
  • Geochemical fingerprint information provided dynamic monitoring of the drainage
  • The drainage height was very dynamic through time and well communication between Zone A and Zone B producers was quantified
  • Results were used to constrain frac model and reservoir model and revamp field development


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